Worlds Apart (Volume 4)

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The songs on “Worlds Apart” were recorded between 2015-2020 and some date back even further. But they are connected by a common theme on this album: when the World around you is falling apart you work on healing the World within you first. This age old teaching feels more true for me now than ever. We are growing and years of structures, attitudes and paradigms are being challenged leaving many people uneasy. But is it not for the most part all our creation? So much of what we think is oppressing us are systems of an earlier time that somehow slipped in to the category of “that’s how it is”. They may have worked in the past but they no longer serve us now. Whether you’re struggling on the inside or with the outside there is always a choice. I wrote these songs in an effort to find my own choice within so I could deal better with what happens “out there” in service to others. It is my genuine hope that we as a mixture of cultures can do the same while enduring the pain of being reborn.-John Zay Maschio June 5, 2020

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