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“John Zay is a superb guitar player, lyricist & vocalist as well. I’m a believer and you should be too!”
• Angelo Moore, Lead Singer of Fishbone

“I literally was impressed by what was pumping from my speakers! John Zay has a vocal quality that would mix well in any progressive rock outfit. All of the songs stay well grounded without becoming pretentious. This is just good rock music, and not the standard fare being offered the masses.”
• The Phantom Tollbooth

What would it look like if you left everything behind, sold all your stuff and hopped on a plane with your girlfriend and dog ½ way around the world? Well that is exactly what John Zay did for two years. Inspired by a series of Shamanic Plant Medicine journeys, Zay followed a life long dream to live and play music Europe and his quest brought him from Germany to Portugal. Zay's latest video “Wanderlust”captures the spirit of that adventure. Shot in Sagres, Portugal the video showcases one of the most incredible coastlines in the world!  The music is a mellow mix of Progressive Rock & Reggae featuring Angelo Moore of Fishbone on Saxophones and Tobias Ralph of The Adrian Belew Power Trio on Drums. “Wanderlust is an ode to the mystery of the ocean. I was sitting on top of my surfboard when the lyrics came to me in a flash. Some moments just call for our undivided attention to get on that wave and trust without hesitation.” -John Zay
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Because as the legendary frontman Angelo Moore said about John Zay, “I’m a believer and you should be too”.

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